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J at | Real Estate | Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

It looks like property prospects in Asia are looking bright, as more developers are growing optimistic about real estate developments in the region. This sentiment stems from developments spread across Asia. For example…

Malasia Property News reported last June 25, 2009 that Asian developers are more upbeat:

Asian property values did not rise as much as in the US and parts of Europe this decade. In dollar terms, property in countries such as the Philippines are cheaper than before the onset of the Asian crisis in late 1997.

So, will this actually translate into more sales from OFWs of Filipinos living in the US (who are planning to return to the Philippines)? That remains to be seen, although you can classify this as a possible opportunity for the Philippine real estate market.

When people look at the value of their remaining dollars, and the purchasing power of their fund, and compare this will the cost of various Philippine properties (as compared with other places), then it does make people pause and say: “Hey, why don’t I buy some land in the Philippines?”

Afterall, owning a house and lot in an idyllic location such as Antipolo, Rizal provides numerous benefits not only to retirees, but also to people interested in vacationing in the Philippines while they’re in the prime of their lives or careers.

So it really pays to at least inquire and find out what’s available in the Philippines. You don’t have to look too hard because opportunities are everywhere. For example, you can check out the Avida Land communities in Antipolo: St. Gabriel Heights Antipolo House and Lot.

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