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J at | Cell Phone,General | Saturday, December 31st, 2011

We’re looking at the Globe BlackBerry Messaging service, because we need to know right away if some of our customers have emailed us for customer support.

In today’s hectic work schedule, our mobile lifestyle keeps us away from the computer. That’s why we rely heavily on our mobile phones.

Before, lugging a laptop was the cool thing to do. And those internet broadband prepaid USB sticks do wonders, because these allow us to connect to the internet wherever we are. Of course, it helps that we have plugit sticks from SMART, Globe Telecom, and Sun Cellular.

Then again, carrying a laptop can cause neck or back pain, so we’ll just bring around a much lighter mobile phone. Should we be happy with a Nokia E71 and then just connect via a 3G internet connection?

Or will it be more convenient to use an iPhone 4S or a BlackBerry and rely on push email?

Or should we get a tablet such as an iPad2 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

For now, we’ll try things out with Globe’s BlackBerry Messaging service. It’s quite affordable at only P300 a month. Of course, if you need to actually respond to those emails, you’ll need a mobile internet broadband connection.

And if you’re just using your BlackBerry (because you left your notebook at home), then we’ll probably need a mobile wifi hotspot. That’s where a MyFi will come in handy (think Huawei E5).

Let’s see how things go in the coming year.

To all our readers, have a prosperous year ahead!

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