How To Write An Article In Only 7 Minutes

J at | Marketing | Friday, June 4th, 2010

If you want to make money online, you will need to produce content. Face it, the basic content you can easily publish online is the written word. Here’s how you can quickly write a useful and relevant article in just 7 minutes…

First, think of an eye-catching title. It’s usually something that immediately addresses a need, or helps people solve a problem. For example, the phrase “how to” is a popular way of attracting readers to your article.

Next, introduce your article or topic by showing what people need to achieve their goal, and how you are going to help them get what they want.

In this blog post, for example, people want to make money and one way of doing that online is by writing. The problem is, it usually takes too long to write. So this blog post teaches you how to write quickly.

After the introduction, teach others a few basic steps. Three to five items will be enough, because you don’t want to overwhelm people with encyclopedic information.

And lastly, close your article with a quick summary of what you have just taught them. This way, people who skim articles quickly can still get a quick gist of what you were trying to say.

The good thing about this is that people will appreciate what you’ve done for them, and this will help lay the foundation for future business collaboration or even a potential joint venture agreement.

And there you have it:

  • Eye-Catching Title
  • Introduction and Reason
  • Basic Steps, and
  • Closing

Now you don’t have any excuse. Go and start writing your articles in 7 minutes (or less), and build your online business faster and more effectively!

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