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If you want to make money online, then check out The Keyword Academy and their latest Keyword Crash Course Coaching Video Series.

Here’s just a sample of the ten videos that you can access immediately.

Videos 1 and 2: Keyword Brainstorming and The Formula. You will learn how to value a keyword. Why go after useless ones, when you can save time and go straight for the high-value keywords.

Video 3: Setting up your niche sites and configuring WordPress. A lot of niche bloggers are turning to WordPress to quickly set-up their sites. This is perfect for beginners, yet also contains advanced WP info for intermediate to veteran internet marketers.

Video 4: Content Creation. A lot of people are afraid to write content because they don’t feel qualified or they dislike spending hours on research. Let this video clear away your doubts and show you exactly what works.

Videos 5, 6, and 7: Link Building. Your success in your online business rests on two things, really: Content + Backlinks. You will spend 20% of your time publishing content, and 80% building links that point back to your web pages. These videos not only give you the number of things to do, but also the ever-important timing of these activities.

Video 8: Using Traffic Statistics to Increase Your Income. Why be satisfied with only knowing how many people visit your site? There’s a goldmine of information right under your nose, and this video reveals everything.

Video 9: Adsense Setup, Testing, and Optimization. The fastest way to make easy cash online is by monetizing your content with Google Adsense. There is a fascinating technique on how to be an Adsense success tory, and this video will walk you through the process.

Video 10: Bonus Video on Selling Your Sites for Quick Cash. If you need cash right away, you can flip blogs. What that means is you spend some time building a starter blog or site, and then turn that around and sell it for around 10 months of estimated earnings.

If you’re a visual type of learner, you can also go through the transcripts of the videos of The Keyword Academy Keyword Crash Course Video Series.

Find out how you can get it all for only $1 right now.

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