Melamine and Milk From China

J at | Philippine News | Thursday, September 25th, 2008

We’re now avoiding all dairy products from China because of the melamine contamination (which has reportedly sickened 53,000 babies/infants in China because melamine caused the formation of kidney stones). The question that remains, though, is this: what other products in the market are contaminated with milk from China?

Several SMS text messages have been floating around warning us to avoid certain popular snack products. What is the DOH of the Philippines doing about this?

MELAMINE-LACED MILK: 7 products free from contamination — shares the latest findings from the Malaysian Health Ministry. The MOH even has a melamine watch website (although I’m still searching for the English version).

What about the DOH here in the Philippines? They need to disseminate more information.

UPDATE: Farm-Raised Fish Given Tainted Food — Looks like the contamination is not limited to milk/dairy products. It also involved wheat flour, according to this May 2007 article.

If you visit the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (, you’ll find their latest news on products suspected of having melamine, as well as background info on the said chemical.

If you visit the website of the Department of Health of the Philippines (, what do you think you’ll find?

I did a search for “melamine” on the homepage of the DOH, but did not find anything. So I clicked on the Press Release page and found articles dated 2006! The Press Release page contains a link to DOH Advisories, and the latest advisory I saw there (just a few minutes ago) was dated April 18, 2006.

Perhaps the DOH needs a WordPress blog so that they can easily update their web site?

[UPDATE: That was fast! Just a few minutes after I published this blog post, the DOH web site now shows a completely different look. Wish I had made some screenshots awhile ago, but what's the point. At least they're now updating their site. Kudos to the DOH!]

Anyway, does this mean we can safely consume dairy products from other countries? Well, not so fast…

Read about New Zealand’s Melamine Contamination, which has some relation to pesticides. You do realize where they use pesticides, right? And what animals consume plants? Right. I hope the health departments sort this one out quickly.

Here’s another update: Products With Melamine — list of products pulled out of racks in Singapore.

Here’s yet another Products with Melamine post which provides a list of products which the Centre for Food Safety in HongKong has found to contain melamine.

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  1. Now that this problem was observed the regulating bodies must harmonize all the standard in securing and assuring the food safety guidelines. The government should commit themselves in the implementation of food regulation that really ensure public safety and should implement a law that governs manufacturers to establish a quality control measures that will give maximum customers satisfaction regardless of there race , beliefs , nationality , culture and traditions.
    This is not the time for us to practice a finger pointing habit in this time of crisis we don’t need also to practice the fire fighting habit to solve this problem each country , the leaders should be united together with the WHO should think of ways on how we can get out of this problem we need to change from the habit of operation pandemonium to a quick change Win-Win solution. We need to think a long term action to cater the needs of those that are affected of this endemic and critical problem the victims should be treated very well to save their future. On the other hand all the companies that are engaged in the manufacture of food products should observed food safety guidelines from the acceptance of raw materials down on the process of production up to , to the delivery of finish product to the warehouse . The manufacturers should ensure that there products comply to the international standard and should constantly validate there procedure to ensure that the capability of there existing procedure will assure to detect a predetermined high degree of excellence in detecting a non conforming products that may affect not only the credibility of the company but most of all to protect the welfare and interest of the consumers.
    I am also appealing to the government and other agencies to implement a law requiring all companies to make upgrading of there laboratory instruments make a continuous training to the staff to ensure that all staff are competent enough to do their job. the Laboratory workers Chemist , Microbiologist , Analyst be required to stay in the company for at least five years this is to establish there precision and accuracy in this regards the government shall also pass a law that this workers must be given a right compensation therefore standardization of the salary for this profession must be standardize i believed that this factor will improve the Quality Assurance / Control work that has a direct effect on product quality and I do believed that in the end the customers and quality will be satisfied.

    Comment by Robert Llantero Loquillano — October 11, 2008 @ 12:26 pm

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