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Before you can move into your brand new house in the Philippines, especially if you first purchased a lot-only package and then later constructed your home atop that piece of land, you will need to secure an Occupancy Permit from the municipal hall (munisipyo).

You will also need to get clearance from the local Fire Department, as they will inspect your house.

Here are some tips for homeowners…

1. Your backdoor has to open outwards.

Typically, your main or front door will open into your house. Your backdoor should open outwards, so that in case of a fire or a similar emergency, people can easily exit your house (since they will simply push the backdoor outward). That’s one way of increasing your family’s safety in the event of fire.

2. You need a fire extinguisher.

If your total floor area is around 120 square meters, a 10-lb fire extinguisher will be sufficient. Please budget around P2,500 for this vital piece of firefighting equipment. Get the red cylinder.

3. You need smoke detectors.

Each room in your house needs a smoke detector. This will prove useful particularly in the case of two-storey houses because if you’re alone in your home, you will have a hard time monitoring what’s going on in other rooms.

4. A door that leads to a balcony can serve as a fire exit.

If the Fire Inspector or Officer sees that you have a balcony on the second floor, plus a door that leads to it, then that’s as good as an adequate fire exit.

Moreso if the door that leads to the balcony is accessible via a common area; meaning, you don’t need to enter a bedroom first before gaining access to the balcony.

Did you enjoy these homeowner tips regarding inspections conducted by the fire department? Who knows, this may even help you reduce your premiums when you buy fire insurance for your home.

Before I forget, budget around P1,800 to P2,000 for the documentation needed for your Fire Safety and Inspection Certificate, plus P2,500 for the fire extinguisher.

(If you choose to purchase your extinguisher elsewhere, please present your Official Receipt to the Fire Department Inspector.)

With the signed documents from the local Fire Deparment, you may proceed to the Municipal Hall (or City Hall) and complete your application for the Occupancy Permit.

This will allow you to smoothly move into your new home, and help speed up the recovery of your Construction Bond, which you deposited with your subdivision’s Homeowners’ Association prior to the construction of your house.

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