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J at | Marketing | Sunday, May 9th, 2010

People trying to make money online are rabidly building websites left and right, or blogging day and night. But a lot of them are missing out on an important ingredient. It’s none other than online email marketing…

Online email marketing involves creating a mailing list that attracts people to subscribe and receive regular email updates or announcements from the list owner.

Why will people join the list in the first place?

Some internet marketers will offer a free, downloadable report in the form of a PDF file, or perhaps even an audio MP3 file or an instructional video.

It is this thirst for information that motivates people to subscribe and join the list.

Once they’re on the list, it becomes the responsibility of the marketer to send regular email messages that are of high value to the recipient, because this will help ensure that they will remain subscribed to the list.

One strategy is to give a marketing message for every 5 non-marketing or goodwill messages. With this approach, your list subscribers will not feel that they are simply being pitched left and right.

Others might even stretch that to one pitch for every 10 non-pitch emails, but based on experience 5 seems to be the magic number.

Please don’t take this as gospel truth, however, because that magic number 5 is based on experiments conducted with other websites. The results might be different from your own, because your visitors may very well be quite different from those who visit the other sites.

In short, be prepared to test different assumptions. If you know that testing is important when it comes to website design, it becomes even more critical when doing online email marketing because the impact can be quite substantial.

For example, your website might get 1000 visitors a day, with each visitor looking at a different page in your site.

But your mailing list might have 10,000 subscribers, with around 90% of them looking at that same email message. A change in layout here, or a twist in the headline can affect how many people will respond to your message.

An improvement of 1% will mean 100 more people will buy your product, for example, and if you’re product is worth $47 then that’s an ADDITIONAL $4,700 just because you worded your headline differently.

Do you now see the power of email marketing and why testing is important?

What are you waiting for? Go out and include listbuilding as part of your internet marketing package today. Just remember to provide value, and your subscribers will reward you for your help in the years to come.

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