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J at | Marketing | Thursday, May 13th, 2010

A lot of local businesses have been asking: “How do I grow my business on the internet?” Perhaps they need to change the question a bit…

Instead of thinking of the internet as location or destination, entrepreneurs should consider looking at it as a channel. In that case, the question now becomes:

“How do I grow my business through the internet?”

Now before you go off and spout “Advertise Online” (which is all right, actually), you will need to consider who exactly you are serving on the web.

Are you serving yourself with a flood of “buy me!” messages? Or are you serving your potential customers?

When you change your focus and think of ways to serve your customers, that will help you attract potential business partners. And the best way to serve people online is by providing information that will help solve their problems.

Their problems might now be directly related to your own company’s products or services, but if you help them first, and if your product is somehow related, then a tastefully placed ad for your product just might capture their interest.

And that is the secret of online marketing success: Serve others first.

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