Outsource to the Philippines: A Business Model

J at Filipination.com | Marketing | Friday, June 4th, 2010

Are you already making money online to the tune of at least $2,650 a month? If you are, that probably means you’ve been at this for quite some time, and perhaps you are already starting to burn out.

It’s time to try outsourcing to the Philippines. Here’s how that business model works…

There are people with design, writing, technical, and social media promotion and SEO skills who live outside Metro Manila, Philippines. In most cases, these people will be happy to do outsourced internet marketing work for around $400 a month.

(NOTE: If these VAs will start from scratch and work on their own, their blogs will probably earn only $100 to $200 a month. That’s why you will need to reward them adequately if you want them to work for you.)

Finding such people (and motivating them) isn’t that easy, though. That’s why some of the talented VA aggregators will charge a management fee of around $150 per VA.

In other words, your total cost per VA will be around $550 per month.

Assuming your network of blogs or websites is making at least $2,650 monthly, you will need a team of 3 VAs. That will net you $1,000 a month ($2,650 – $1,650), while you go off and try other things.

Say goodbye to burnout, without saying farewell to your existing network of sites.

What will you do now with your new-found time? You can try another industry, start another business (or franchise), get a regular job, simply relax and travel, spend more time with the family, or even write a series of ebooks for the growing ebook market (remember the Kindle and iPad).

Or you can do what you did with your existing network, and go build yet another network from scratch. Over time, you can once again form a team of 3 VAs, and net around $1,000 each month once you get your new network to the P2,500+ a month level.

Minus the headache and sleepless nights, and certainly less of the physical strain of doing your home business in front of the computer.

In addition, you will truly become entrepreneurial because you will be harnessing the efforts of other people (and make money in the process). This will free you from the drudgery of online work, and will allow you to spend more time thinking of new ideas to try out.

You’ll be able to give a livelihood to more people, help them send their children to better schools, and thus positively contribute to the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people whose lives will be touched by this growing group of better-educated young adults.

At the same time, you will still have your passive income of around $1,000 monthly.

Isn’t it time you outsource your internet marketing requirements to the Philippines?

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