Palm Pre Smartphone

J at | Computers and Internet | Friday, January 9th, 2009

Things are spicing up in 2009 for the cell phone and mobile market. In Palm Regains Luster with New webOS and “Pre” Smartphone at CES, shares some photos of the upcoming Palm mobile device running on webOS.

Remember the days of the PDA? Well, if you slide the PDA-like screen up, you will find beneath it a keypad similar to what you see in high end cell phones (you know, the navigator type sporting a QWERTY keyboard).

But what gets me really excited about this coming product is the wireless charger. Is it really possible to charge your cell phone even when there’s no electrical outlet around? How does it grab electricity, just from the air?

Perhaps this has something to do with the way some wires are arranged, so that they can capture magnetic what-nots and use that to somehow power the charger. All I can say is: “Amazing.”

Although my friends would ask: “Yeah, but does the cell phone have a camera?”

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