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In How to Get Your Point Across to Any Personality Type by Answering 4 Simple Questions, co-founder Mike Koenigs talks about the different things you can say in a video message, to address the needs of four personality types.

Mike bases his video on David Kolb’s work in the field of “experiential learning”, and he also talks about how we learn. Given this, plus the info that there are four personality types that more or less describe about 99% of people you will send your message to, Mike shares what you must say in your videos to get your point across to your viewers.

The four questions that you need to answer in order to be persuasive are:

1. Why? Sales personalities (i.e., Persuaders, Motivators). About 35% of the population.

You answer should include a list of benefits that answer the question: “Why should someone buy your product or service?” Now benefits are different from features. An example of a feature (if we’re talking about digital cameras) is “the camera can autofocus quickly.”

A benefit of that feature is: “You will gain admiration from your friends, who will compliment you for the beautiful, sharp, and clear photos you have taken with your so-and-so digital camera.”

In the case of real estate marketing, how would you transform the feature “24/7 security” into a benefit?

2. What for? Scholastic personalities (focus on Objectives and Outcomes). 18% of the population.

You can answer that question by explaining what purpose your product or service will serve. Ideally, provide specific, measurable and practical results. For example, you can use this product to achieve an additional 10% in your sales.

What about property sales? How would you answer the question “what for” when it comes to selling a house and lot? What exactly will the product do for your buyer?

3. How? Techies (focus on Operations and Processes). 25% of the population.

In the “how” part, you will explain how the product works. In the case of consumer items, the focus will be on the specific steps on using the product, so that the customer is able to achieve the benefit (see Point # 1) and the purpose (see Point # 2).

In real estate, can you think about a process or procedure that a buyer (with a technical personality) will want to know before he or she purchases that condo or house and lot from you?

4. What if? Advocates or Marketers (focus on Opportunities). 20% of the population.

When you meet these creative types of people, they will want to find out how they can use the product in ways other than the original intended purpose of the product. For example, while people normally use a digital camera to take photos of friends and family, the advocates/marketers might want to use the camera for a business.

If you think of answers to “What if?” you will be able to expand the usefulness of whatever it is your selling. Please keep that in mind when you are handling real estate inquiries, because there are many reasons why someone would be interested in buying a house or a piece of property.

So, which questions do you answer in your video marketing message? Answer all of them.

You do not know what the personality type of your viewer is, so when you cover all four areas (Why, What for, How, What if) you will be able to address the needs of practically everyone. Just make sure your message is not too long, okay? :-)

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