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J at | Marketing | Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Nursing is no longer the dream course, because the market does not need as many nurses as before. Instead, the DepEd has hinted that among the growing needs of the marketplace are people with skills in real estate and cyberservices. What exactly are cyberservices?

You’ll probably be more familiar with the other terms that describe cyberservices: webhosting, web programmin, SEO, virtual assistance, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, article marketing, press release marketing, viral video marketing, article directory submissions…

In other words, cyberservices refer to activities performed online, via the web, or even through mobile cell phones.

Among the skills needed by such virtual assistants are the following: writing skills, communication skills, ability to follow directions, programming savvy, a bit of PHP knowledge, and copywriting, to name a few.

In some cases, and if your budget permits, you may have to gain experience in PPC marketing.

At the basic level, though, you can get by with 5th Grade English. Yes, you will need to improve your English skills. If you’re way past college, you can still get back into the groove by partnering with high school and university students. Get a tutor and practice.

As far as technical skills go, nothing beats actual hands-on experience. Go ahead and install a WordPress blog. The web is abound with numerous tutorials anyway.

All you need is the patience and perseverance to push forward and learn all that you can. You must also resist the temptation to stay locked in “learning” mode, so you can advance into “action” mode.

It also helps if you blog regularly. It doesn’t have to be every single day. Regularly can mean something like twice a month, or once a week. It helps keep you on your toes, and exercises that gray muscle between your ears. As an added bonus, it helps you learn how to write articles much faster.

Cyberservices and real estate mesh quite well together. If you’re observant, you probably have noticed how more people are using the web when searching for condos or house and lot packages. With a powerful combination of SEO, blogging, copywriting, and email marketing, you can attract more leads and inquiries that can lead to tripping schedules and perhaps even the payment of the Reservation Fee.

If you’re thinking about taking a course in Nursing, please re-think your options.

It’s time you go into Philippine cyberservices. Quite simply, it works!

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