Philippine Elections and Internet Marketing

J at | Marketing | Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The recent Philippine presidential elections reveal a number of tips that internet marketers interested in making money online can use. Here are some of those observations…

First, no man is an island.

Remember how Manny Villar spent a lot of advertising? He was everywhere: on television, in Google, and even in Facebook Ads. He was quite ubiquitous even on Twitter and YouTube.

It had even come to the point where some people were complaining about his jingle.

But look at the rankings. See even Joseph Erap Estrada got millions of votes more than Manny Villar. Is this due to the fact that a lot of Filipinos don’t pay attention to the internet?

What about all those TV commercials?

The point is this: No man is an island.

You can’t win just on the basis of grabbing lots of airtime or flooding people with advertisements. You need to work with others.

It’s as simple as that. On the internet, do not expect to make truckloads of money online just by blogging and advertising online. You still need to reach out and network with other people.

Go ahead and collaborate with other bloggers and other internet marketers. Don’t insist on doing everything on your own. Don’t try to grab the glory and keep all credit to yourself.

The next time you’re wondering why you haven’t succeeded in internet marketing, remember the Philippine presidential elections of May 2010 and ask yourself if you’re trying to be a solitary island, or if you are a team player.

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