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J at | General | Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

If you want to avail of Smart’s Unlimited Texting simply send UNLI20 to 258. Make sure, however, that you do not make any mistakes when typing keywords to 258, otherwise you will just get an error message, and your cell phone load will go down by 1 peso.

The unlimited sms texting only applies in the case of Smart-to-Smart SMS text messages. If you try to send texts to other networks such as Globe or Sun Cellular, your load will go down by 1 peso for each sms text (assuming your messages are not that long).

Based on experience, the unlimited text command works best if you try send messages to 258 at around 11am. During other times, you might experience network problems and your transaction will not be completed. It’s weird but if you try to do it earlier, such as around 9am, you might encounter problems too.

Just the same, if someone has transferred around P30 of sms load to your cell phone at 8am, go ahead and try enabling the SMART unlimited texting feature. If it does not work, then try again at 11am.

Please note that UNLI20 remains valid for only 24 hours. There’s a P30 option that gives you unlimited texting for 48 hours, but I still have to look for the correct command to send to 258.

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