Snowing in Washington

J at | General | Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Washington is still buried under the snow, which means you’ll have a challenging time getting documents consularized. If you’re a Philippine real estate agent dealing with buyers whose spouses are American citizens residing in the US, you’ll need to adjust your timetable.

Here’s why…

Check out this video uploaded by amandareckonwith in YouTube:

What’s the video all about?

Time lapse video of the Feruary 5-6 snowfall in DC. Nikon D200 set to make an exposure every 5 minutes. 328 frames at 12 fps.

The photographer took photos for over 27 hours, and then assembled the images into the above time-lapse video.

While it is fascinating to see how quickly the snow grows in just one day, I hope the weather in Washington DC improves soon so that our required legal documents get consularized at the Philippine embassy in Washington.

Related News: WNY Snow Equipment and People Sent to Washington, DC — “Western New York is the place to call for help with snow removal, and that’s why nearly 100 people and pieces of equipment have left here and are down in the Washington DC area. It has been around the clock work for contractors trying to clear away more than three feet of snow in cities not used to it.”

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