Transmission And Treatment Of Genital Warts

John | Health and Fitness | Friday, September 12th, 2008

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Knowing about genital warts and how to protect yourself from getting them is extremely important for any individual that chooses to be sexually active. While these warts are just only one of the many different sexually transmitted diseases that are affecting many people today, it is an extremely serious disease. It is important that individuals are able to educate themselves about all of the diseases that exist, so that they are aware of how they need to protect themselves.

When learning about genital warts, one should know that they can be transmitted by both females and males. Because of the nature of the woman’s body, these warts are far more prevalent in females. Men however, can end up becoming carriers of the warts, which are derived from HPV, otherwise known as the Human Papilloma Virus. Today, there are a variety of treatments for this sexually transmitted disease, including a vaccination that can help prevent them from spreading.

In some of the more rare cases, it has been seen that the Human Papilloma Virus (genital warts) have been spread during unclean practices. Some reports have shown that medical equipment that has not been properly cleaned and/or sanitized can lead to the transmission of the disease. While this has been shown, it remains true that the most common transmission of the virus is through sexual contact with an infected person.

If you are a woman who has been involved in sexual relations with a partner who has the Human Papilloma Virus, then you should know that your infection might not stop with you. Women who have become pregnant have passed these warts off to their children during childbirth. Once this happens, the newborn can get infected in such areas where the virus can thrive, including their mouth and throat.

The only way that you can be sure that you do not become infected with the HPV virus that causes genital warts is to practice safe sex. You must remember that it is not always possible to tell if an individual has this disease. The good news is that these warts can be treated; however, the treatment for HPV viruses is not a cure. This is just one more reason why it is important to practice safe sex, as the virus can be transmitted even when there are no signs of an outbreak.

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