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Holding a webinar can be both scary and fun at the same time. Scary, because it’s like speaking in front of a live audience. Fun, because it’s a fast way to make money online. The wonderful thing is, you’re about to find out for free.

Usually, people sit down and write ebooks or even make videos. These are downloadable products that customers can get immediately after they pay (using their credit card) online. Unfortunately, these will take time.

Enter the webinar. It’s basically you doing a PowerPoint presentation, only your audience is “watching” using their computer or web browser. They can be anywhere in the world.

How To Achieve Webinar Success

1. Have a fast internet broadband connection.

Nothing spoils a webinar faster than having too long a lag time. If you have moved on to another screen image, for example, and start talking about what you’re seeing on your screen, your audience might still be looking at the previous slide because of the slow internet connection.

2. Present the webinar with a friend.

Hearing just one voice for an hour can get boring. If you have a friend, that second voice will provide enough excitement for your listeners. Plus, your friend might even come up with additional ideas to share.

3. Prepare your outline in advance.

There’s no need for a full-blown script. An outline of the general ideas and common questions you plan to answer during the webinar will do. When you (and your partner) have an outline, you will be less tense about the webinar presentation.

4. Prepare your product offer in advance.

The whole point of giving free webinars is to gain credibility. When you freely share your expertise, some of your listeners will be impressed and will want to know more. They may even be interested in in your premium information. It will help if you have a website they can visit, preferably one which has an Order button.

5. Record your webinar.

Your webinar may be free right now, but nothing stops you from recording it, bundling it with other recorded webinars of yours, and then selling the video collection months later to those who missed the live webinar. That’s what instant product development is!

I once inquired about a conference that I missed. I asked when they will hold another session, and the organizers told me they didn’t have any immediate plans of holding another conference, but they had a video of the previous one, if I was interested.

Now do you see how you can do the same thing with webinars?

And the great thing about webinars is that no two sessions are ever alike. Your audience will have their own set of unique questions, and that provides the sought after variation from webinar to webinar. You will even appreciate hearing questions that you didn’t consider before, and the value comes from the fact that these questions come straight from your target audience.

Have fun and I look forward to attending your profitable webinar in the future!

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