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While a number of bloggers helplessly watch their Adsense earnings drop, there are a few who are looking for Adsense alternatives. Among the choices is to actually produce and sell content. One way of packaging all of this is by using using WordPress and membership site plugins.

There are numerous membership site scripts that you can integrate with your WordPress blog. Most of these even allow you to set different member levels, so that a Bronze-level member gets access to certain content, while a Platinum member gains access to all of the content.

In some cases, some plugins even allow you to easily handle drip-feed content, or content that is slowly revealed to paying members over a certain period of time.

WP membership plugins can cost anywhere from $25 to $97 in one-time fees. In some cases, be prepared for recurring annual fees. Majority of these systems are unable to address this particular issue, though: What happens if people share or pass-along their login password?

I’m searching for affordable plugins that allow us to easily transform our WordPress blogs into membership sites, and I will update this post as I get more information.

Anyway, to get things started, try these resources:

EasyPayPal WordPress Plugin

The great thing about the EasyPayPal plugin is that you can quick as a snap create blog posts that offer both free and members-only content. Yes, right on the same page! The free portion serves as some kind of sneak preview, while the hidden-until-you-log-in section motivates excited to readers to purchase premium access via Paypal.

You just need to do some tweaking, though, if you want it to work flawlessly with your Paypal account. You know — to make it automatically send paid customers to your blog’s log in page, so that they can quickly access the content they paid for.

And since subscriptions can be time-based, meaning each subscription will last for a month, you can have some type of recurring income. This will be semi-automatic, however, since your subscribers will have to return to Paypal each month to renew their access.

This assumes they log in regularly, because that’s the only way they will be reminded to visit Paypal. Of course, you can offer short, 7-day online courses. Another plus is that you can avoid some issues with recurring Paypal payments.

Anyway, what’s your favorite WordPress membership site system?

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  1. Yep I do agree with you that a lot of bloggers are looking now for alternatives to earn. Let’s cross our fingers to 2009!



    Comment by Snow — January 4, 2009 @ 11:09 pm

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