Corporate legal affairs

Corporation legal service is a fundamental business of Fada Law Firm. After years of legal practice, for the company specialized legal services and perennial legal service, a perfect personnel structure and a good service system has already been founded, characterized by internal division of work and process management. Fada lawyers have provided specialized legal service to lots of joint-stock companies, sino-foreign joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and group companies, and have been engaged as perennial legal council for dozens of enterprises.
Business Scope
  • Establishment of enterprise: capital structure design and legal due diligence, drafting project proposals and feasibility report, drafting and modifying the contract of enterprise establishment, AOA and technology license etc., participating in negotiations, providing legal advice for approval and registration in the government and providing assistance to deal with the process
  • M&A, takeover and separation of the enterprise: participating in optimization of trading scheme design, legal due diligence, participating in negotiations, drafting the property and/or share transfer agreement, separation agreement and other relevant trading documents, providing legal advice to permission, recording, registration and immunity of government approval, and providing assistance to deal with the process
  • Transfer, granting, inheritance and mortgage of the enterprise’s assets and share
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy of enterprise: being bankruptcy administrator, providing feasibility analysis for liquidation, takeover and compromise, applying for bankruptcy representing the enterprise or creditors, and providing relevant legal service during the bankruptcy process
  • Innovation of the enterprise system and completing corporate governance structure
  • Enterprise risk prevention and control: legal risk management of contracts, risk prevention of intellectual property, legal risk management of major issues including related party transaction, major investment, guarantee management and acquisition and reorganization etc., legal risk management of security issues, prevention of legal risk of environment protection, legal responsibility risk control and other legal service required by clients.