Civil and commercial legal affairs

Participating in civil and commercial arbitrations and litigations is one of the most important businesses of Fada lawyers. There are many senior lawyers, who have accumulated rich experiences through judicial practice, have been counsels in many civil and commercial cases, which are influential both in China and abroad and result in broader social consequences. Many of these cases are reported in medias and are included in legal publications.
Business scope
  • Being attorney in the first and second trial of contract disputes, tort disputes, ownership disputes, unjust enrichment, negotiorum gestio, marriage, family and inheritance disputes and arbitrations of all kinds of contract disputes, including but not limited to providing feasible dispute prevention and resolution proposals, investigating and collecting evidence, applying for preservative measures, filing lawsuit or arbitration, defending for clients in cases, filing counterclaim and attending trial etc.;
  • Representing client to participate in mediation and settlement;
  • Representing client to apply for execution of judgment and arbitration award;
  • Representing client to file retrial and attend court trial;